Visitor/Guest Account Policy

Visitor/Guest Account Policy

*To request a account, you must be logged into the TDX Client Portal and search "User Account", here you will be able to submit a ticket

All visitor/guest account requests must be placed through the TDX ticketing system no later than 36 hours before the start date. Visitor/Guest account tickets require a start date, end date, ID for user(s), and reason for needing the account. Ticket requests can be placed far in advance but will not be provisioned until a week before the start date. All requests require the users drivers license (or other valid form of ID). For events that require multiple accounts, we will accept user IDs on the day of or at a later date. 

*Guest Accounts for Continuing Education are no longer handled by us. Jerreth McLaughlin now takes these tickets. 

*Fullbright TA accounts need to go through the graduate GA process and need to be hired through cornerstone. 

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