Printing through Form Fusion

In order to submit a job through form fusion please follow the guidelines below.

In Banner: There must be an entry in GTVPRNT with the printer name

On the Maps Server: Printer must have same name as the value in GTVPRNT

In Form Fusion: The form must be labeled with the correct job name in Form fusion, the layout will be named as the "Map Form"
Example below:

In Banner: When running a job which you are wanting to process through form fusion you will select the printer and in special print you will enter the "Map Form" which has been set in form fusion.

In this example we will run the fab1099 process, with the Form 1099M_WONEPERFMI_2019 taken from the example above.

In the 1099 example there is another item which is needed, for Parameter 01 the Printer type should be 1 for Dot Matrix (Noted in the README within the Map Form in Form Fusion). This may update over time, so please check this yearly.




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