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Accessing and installing Microsoft Office 365 provided by NSU.
The Virtual Private Network or VPN is like a secure tunnel that faculty and staff may use to have access to the NSU network when working off campus.
Accessing and installing Respondus LockDown Browser.
How to use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Desktop.nsuok.edu is the newest solution for accessing internal NSU systems while off campus. Follow this guide to access the Virtual Desktop
Troubleshooting steps for when you encounter the "You need permission" error when attempting to access an NSU Google Form.
Instances of Use: When the user receives a pin page error when trying to login, Only the "N" logo, errors with Single Sign On, and other miscellaneous errors. Clearing browsing data is always a good first troubleshooting method for most issues.
How to open, use, and install apps for Adobe Creative Cloud on your NSU computer.
How to either immediately host a Zoom meeting or schedule a Zoom meeting to begin at a later time.
Your NSU password is used for: Blackboard, goNSU, Greenmail, and the computers on campus.
Map a network drive to a PC
Locating your BannerID
An overview of how remote working will function in the event of university closure.
Learn about Cyber Security and Phishing Awareness!
Where to find a MAC address on your device.
Joining a Zoom meeting via Meeting ID or web link.
To work-around the Banner 9 Service Invocation error, refresh the web page.
These are troubleshooting steps for issues with Blackboard.
This article outlines the steps to take to manually register a device that does not get registered automatically when signing into the captive portal.
Howe to Connect your NSU Email account using the GMail App
This will be used when encrypting files using 7-Zip.
How to use the Cisco VoIP 8945 phone.
How to access Greenmail through an Android mobile device
Note: Before you can use your voicemail you must go through the Voicemail Enrollment process.