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KBA detailing the full schedule for computer replacement.
With the new version of Degree Works, the What-If Audit has been relocated into its own tab in the Degree Audit. This article demonstrated where to navigate and how to run a What-If Audit with this new update.
The Student Degree Audit has been upgraded to a new version (5.0.3), and with it comes new features for students to view their academic progress. This new version brings a mobile friendly student dashboard with a fresh and clean look. This guide will highlight the important areas for students with a comparison of where they were found in the old version of the Degree Audit in conjunction with this new version.
Conserving Energy through Power Management of Computers!
NSU Dropbox ( is a file transfer service that makes it easy to share large documents, picture, videos, and more. Files up to 4GB in size can be uploaded and shared with NSU constituents. NSU Dropbox allows you to temporarily make files available (up to 20 days) to one or more users securely and efficiently.
How to open, use, and install apps for Adobe Creative Cloud on your NSU computer. is the newest solution for accessing internal NSU systems while off campus. Follow this guide to access the Virtual Desktop
This KBA will detail all of our supported hardware and software. This KBA will also detail all software and hardware that is considered unsupported or limited support.
How to either immediately host a Zoom meeting or schedule a Zoom meeting to begin at a later time.
This in an article detailing how to share content while hosting a Zoom Meeting. The article also go in depth showing the Advance Options and how to control who can send content and who cannot.
Saving non-Google files to your Google Drive starts in the Drive not at the file. This article shows the steps to accomplish that goal.
Save files to your Network drives for added security and easy file management.
Learn about Cyber Security and Phishing Awareness!
Learn what multi-factor or two-step authentication is and how it increases cybersecurity.
This article will instruct users in the information that is needed to fulfill a Training Request.
How to use the Cisco VoIP 8945 phone.
If a faculty or staff member wants to use there NSU-issued MacBook off campus or while not connected to the network a Mobile account will need to be created on the MacBook. A mobile account lets you access your domain account and creates a local copy of your network home folder.
Organizational email is offered as a communications medium to assist Northeastern State University (NSU) organizations in conducting their official day-to-day business.