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This article outlines the proper procedures and policies to be followed when facilitating a Zoom classroom
This KBA details the standard Windows and Apple computers as of 2020.
Instructions on posting announcements in the NSUOK App.
How to join NSU-Riverhawks using an Android device.
How to create an NSU guest account and login with a guest account.
This KBA will detail how to utilize the ClickShare conferencing equipment in Wilson Hall 216.
This KBA will detail how to setup, operate, and shutdown the Zoom rooms in Wilson Hall.
Hub page for what NSU-Riverhawks Wi-Fi is used for the credentials required to connect, and connection instructions.
Connecting to the NSU-RiverHawks WiFi Network on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS
NSU policy regarding account retention.
Accessing and installing Microsoft Office 365 provided by NSU.
This KBA will detail all of our supported hardware and software. This KBA will also detail all software and hardware that is considered unsupported or limited support.
This article explains and shows how register and manage devices from the new Aruba ClearPass Registration Portal.
How to join NSU-Riverhawks using an iOS device.
How to join NSU-Riverhawks using a Windows 10 device.
How to join NSU-Riverhawks using a Mac.
How to request that an employee that was just hired or is entering a new role be granted access to approve timecards
This article outlines common web page error codes and the troubleshooting steps to resolve them.
For assigning a new IP address for your computer.
Where to find a MAC address on your device.
How to request a change or report an issue with a website page
How to manually reprint a 1098T without using Banner as well as setting up the manual reprint template each year