Client Services installs software on NSU computers upon request. Campus Standard Software is managed and deployment by our Network Security Operations team. These two teams work together to provide software needs to the university.  

Download or Install Software

When installing software in lab locations, the process can take time. We have to consider the file size and amount of computers the software is being installed on. We also have to account for if we encounter errors installing the software. To ensure software is installed in lab locations before your classes are scheduled to begin we require tickets to be submitted two weeks in advance. 

When submitting a ticket, please include the service tag(s) of the computers you wish to have software installed on. This information will be required to ensure the requested software is installed on the correct computer(s). Also include the software name, url address, and/or product/key codes related to downloading and installing the software.


Submit a ticket with us if you are experiencing software issues.

For Employees: please specify your office locations and the service tag of your computer. We also recommend attaching screen shots of error messages or the the issue to the ticket. Our technicians will visit your location to investigate and resolve the issue.

For Students: please attach screen shots of the issue you are experiencing. This will allow our technicians to further troubleshoot your issue without coming on campus and to our office. In some cases, you may be asked if you can bring your device into our office for further investigation. In the event that you are not located near a campus, our technicians can utilize Zoom web conferencing software to connect with you and virtually see the issue you are experiencing.

Purchasing Assistance

Client Services provides Hardware, Software, and Technology Purchasing Assistance to colleges and departments. Before colleges and departments purchase Hardware, Software, or Technology, we recommend submitting a ticket with us to determine if the products you wish to purchase are already leased/owned by the university, and meets your needs.

We'll work with your college or department and our vendors to find the most efficient product, at the best cost, for the university. We'll provide quotes from the vendors to your college or department and assist with the purchasing process. 

Before making your purchase consider the following questions:

  1. Does this purchase need to work with Banner?
  2. Does this purchase need to work with Blackboard?
  3. Does this purchase need to work with goNSU?
  4. Does this purchase need to work with GreenMail?
  5. Does this purchase need to connect to the NSU Network?
  6. Does this purchase meet 508 compliance?
  7. Does this purchase require a data feed intergration?
  8. Does this purchase require administrative privileges for implementation or setup?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, submit a ticket with us specificy your purchase needs so we can assist you.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud allows NSU Employees and Students to edit and design videos, photographs, websites, and much more!

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

By using these tools, you will learn how to use create good quality work for your classes and be able to include these projects in your professional portfolio for future employment.

For On Campus: You will log into Adobe Create Cloud by using your NSU Email Address i.e as your Username. You will then be redirected to the Single Sign On page where you will log in with your NSU Username and password. Once you are logged in, you may begin using any of the applications available!

For Off Campus: We recommend using the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) to access Adobe: After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Where is Creative Cloud Available?

Students can access Adobe Creative Cloud from NSU computers in Classroom, Computer Lab, and Library locations.

Tahlequah Broken Arrow Muskogee
Lab Locations Lab Locations Lab Location
Business & Technology B8 Business and Technology 137 Administration 116
Haskell Hall Basement Education 113 Classroom Locations
Leoser Hall 240 Liberal Arts 234 Administration 209
Playhouse Science 2nd Floor Synar 205
Science 270 Classroom Locations  
Seminary Suites Clubhouse Business and Technology 129  
Seminary Hall 135 Liberal Arts 118  
Seminary Hall 136 Liberal Arts 130  
Seminary Hall 200 Library Locations  
Special Services 211 Library 1st and 2nd floor Public Access areas  
Webb 212 Library 106  
Webb 213 Library 110  
Classroom Locations Library Veterans Center  
Fine Arts 202 Library 226 Writing Center  
Business and Technology 126    
Business and Technology 128    
Business and Technology 129    
Special Services 106    
Webb 207    
Webb 307    
Library Locations    
Library 105    
Library 118A    
Library 1st and 2nd floor Public Access areas    

Adobe Creative Cloud for Employees

NSU Employees will find Adobe Creative Cloud installed on their office/work computers. A desktop icon should be available for you to double-click and then log in with NSU credentials. You can then begin using any of the applications available. You may also install this software on a personal device by navigating to the Adobe Sign In page. 

Adobe has lesson plans and other education resources ready to use in your classroom.  Use Adobe to make your classes the most interesting and give your students marketable skills making NSU students sought after by industry leaders. You now have the tools and free training to create the message your department has always wanted.

Email Instructions - Employees Only

When you are first licensed for Adobe Creative Cloud you should receive an email from Sender: Adobe Creative Cloud with the Subject: Access is granted. 

Step 1: Do NOT open and click the Get Started button! Read only. Keep this email to be able to install Adobe on a personal computer later.

Step 2: When the Creative Cloud icon appears on your desktop, you account has been set up and is ready to use.

Step 3: Become familiar with the NSU Graphic Standards when using NSU branding and contact Communications and Marketing before creating any promotional material for external distribution.

Step 4: Start using the apps and design away!

Microsoft Office 365

NSU Student and Employees can access Microsoft Office 365 software for FREE! You must be a currently enrolled and employed NSU Members.

To download Microsoft Office 365 on your computer:

  • Navigate to
  • Enter your NSU Email Address (i.e as the Username
  • Enter your NSU Password
  • You will be redirected to NSU's Single Sign On page, enter your NSU Username and Password
  • Once logged in you can click the "Install Office Apps" button in the upper right side of the page
  • Continue to follow the instructions 

You can then sign in to Microsoft Office 365 from any of your devices to access your documents and customize settings.

You can install Microsoft Office 365 on up to five (5) devices. Availability of Office 365 Apps varies on operating systems and devices.

For Students and Employees who have Mac/Apple Computers: We recommend using the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) to use Microsoft Office Access 2016.

Unfortunately, our subscription with Microsoft Office does not provide Access under the Mac/Apple installation.


Zoom is NSU's campus standard web conferencing software, utilized for video streaming and web conferencing meetings, events, and distance learning classes.

You can access your Zoom Account by navigating to

The Center for Teaching and Learning manages Employee Zoom Accounts. You can submit a ticket with us to have your account upgraded and we'll assigned to CT&L for you. You may also request Zoom Training by submitting a ticket or contact CT&L:

Virtual Desktop Interface

Off Campus? Need to VPN into the NSU Network to access programs and files? Try navigating to and accessing our Virtual Desktop Interface!

The virtualization of a desktop experience allows you to access an NSU computer experience from any network connections. You no longer need to download VPN clients and connecting through VPN!

Your Network Drives are available, SecurePrint is available for Employees, and Campus Standard Software is installed for you to utilize.

Additional software in the VDI environment include:

  • Access 2016
  • Adobe: After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Argos (For NSU Employees Only)
  • IBM SPSS Statistic 25
  • OneDrive

Did we forget something? Have an VDI enhancement idea? Submit a ticket with us to provide your feedback!