Email And Google Apps

Email and Google Apps

IT supports email accounts for the University, hosted by Google's G-Suite for Education.


Blackboard is our Learning Management System (LMS) for Faculty and Students. For Faculty Blackboard Services, please visit the Applications and Systems category.

Delegated Accounts

ITS has improved our campus security by eliminating shared account passwords. Department Email Accounts can be shared between members via account delegation. Enter a ticket here to request access to another email account through your account list in Gmail.

Google Groups

NSU accounts may send mass emails to the campus via a Google Group. Your account may already be a member of many of them!

We will need a few pieces of information depending upon the type of request you enter.

  • Create a Google Group
    • Who will be in the group?
    • Who will be assigned as manager of the group?
  • Sending access to a Google Group (VP Approval will be requested)
    • Which group would you like to send to?

Google Apps

Through your Greenmail accounts, you have access to many Google Apps such as Drive, Calendar, and Docs. Enter a ticket here to report an issue with your Google Applications