Blackboard is our Learning Management System (LMS) for Faculty and Students.

Course Combination

Faculty Members often teach multiple sections of the same course in a given semester. IT can combine these courses for you so that the management of content and the grade book can all be within one location in the Blackboard system. Combining courses also provides other benefits to your instruction as well. For example this will allow you to group students across sections for group assignments or discussions.

User Management

Faculty members can request individuals to be added to their courses. These individuals include:

  1. Teaching Assistants
  2. Interpreters
  3. Guest Speakers
  4. Course Builders
  5. Librarians

Keep in mind IT is not able to add any secondary Instructors or Students to your course. Instructors and students must be added via Banner. If you are an instructor or a student and believe you need access to a course you may place a ticket here to begin our investigation. If you have need of a secondary instructor we can add the individual as a Course Builder to your course.

3rd Party Integrations

IT can implement 3rd party software and websites that are compatible with Blackboard. All 3rd party integrations will begin in a review process. During this process they will be evaluated to make sure that they will function properly within our Blackboard environment.

Examples of 3rd Party Integrations include:

  • TopHat
  • McGraw Hill
  • Pearson
  • Zoom

Organization Request

IT can create a space within the Organization tab in Blackboard for your organization. The leader of the organization will then be able to build their space and add any users who they need to their Organization. If you are a student who needs a space for your organization please have your Faculty / Staff sponsor place the ticket on your behalf.