goNSU is a self service portal to NSU resources available to Faculty, Staff, and Students. Once your access has processed, and depending on your role at the University, you can log into your goNSU account by navigating to go.nsuok.edu

The goNSU home page will provide information regarding Announcements, University Calendar, Quick Links, and News Central.

The green bar on the left hand side of your goNSU account will list areas of goNSU you have access too. You can also navigate to Blackboard, GreenMail, and the IT Client Portal from here.

Faculty and Advisors

Faculty and Advisors will have access to the Faculty and Advisors tab, providing you access to Faculty Self Service Links, Banner Resources, and Faculty and Advisor Resources.

Under the Faculty Self Service Links module, you can:

  • Enter Grades
  • View Student Enrollment
  • Grant Registration Overrides
  • Update Office Hours


Employees (faculty and staff members) will have access to the Employees tab, providing you access to Time Reporting, Time Approval, Employment Details, My Account Summary, Personal Information, Banner, Employee Forms, Employee Resources, and Office Websites.

The Time Reporting module allows you to clock in/out or complete your leave report. The Time Approval module allows your supervisor to approve your time sheet or leave report.

Under the Employment Details module, you can:

  • View your Benefits
  • Print Pay Stubs
  • View Job Details
  • View Leave Balances

Under the Personal Information module, you can update your:

  •  Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Emergency Contact

Under the Banner module, you can access Banner 9 to perform necessary tasks related to your job duties.

Under the Employee Forms module, you can find:

  • Employee Giving
  • Human Resource Forms
  • Motor Pool Vehicle Reservations
  • Scheduler (books rooms or space)
  • Travel Forms


Students will have acccess to the Students tab, providing you access to My Account Summary, Financial Aid and Scholarship Information, Requests and Forms, Student Resources Enrollment Checklist, Academic Calendar, Academic Profile, Academic and Registration Information, Personal Information, and Student Calendar.

Under the My Account Summary, you can:

  • Pay your Account Balance
  • View Account History

Under the Financial Aid and Scholarship Information module, you can:

  • Access Financial Aid Requirement Information
  • Accept or Decline Financial Aid Awards
  • Apply for Scholarships

Under the Requests and Forms module, you can:

  • Apply for Graduation
  • Submit a Facilities or Housing Maintenance Request
  • Request an Official Transcript
  • Print Tuition Statement (IRS 1098-T)

The Enrollment Checklist provides step by step links of the tasks needed to complete your enrollment!

The Academic Profile module provides a glance at your Class Standing, Degree, Level, and Major.

The Academic and Student Calendar provides you with information regarding events and important dates happening across the University.

Under the Academic and Registration Information module, you can:

  • Add or Drop Classes
  • View your Concise Student Schedule
  • Look Up Classes
  • View your Transcript
  • View your Degree Audit
  • Review Midterm and Final Grades

Under the Personal Information module, you can update your:

  • Addresses and Phones
  • Email Addresses
  • Emergency Contacts

Portal Issues

Submit a ticket with us if you are experiencing an issue with the goNSU portal. Some issues can be resolved by clearing your web browsers history, cookies, and cache. In other cases, providing a screen shot of the error message and issue you are expriencing allows us to troubleshoot the issue more thoroughly and they can be attached to the ticket.