The Client Services team supports NSU leased computers from Dell and Apple. This team also ensures the technology equipment in learning spaces are functioning correctly and are updated. 


Our technicians come on site to resolve hardware issues you are experiencing. In the event we need to replace hardware in your allocated computer, our technicians will place a Loaner Computer for you to use in your office while we work with our vendors to order replacement parts. In the event of hardware failures, documents and files should never be saved or stored locally to an NSU computer. We recommend utilizing your Network Drive storage (M:, I:, L:, Drive storage) and Google Drive storage within your Email Account.

Classroom Technology Issue

The Client Services team assesses and resolves Classroom Technology issues. We understanding teaching and learning experiences can be hindered by technical difficulties. Please report any issues you experience so we can ensure academic spaces are functioning correctly. 

Faculty - Please contact the Emergency ITV and Zoom Contact Numbers, at (918) 706-7418 Broken Arrow or (918) 931-2264 Tahlequah, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm if you experience issues during your class. A technician will answer and will report to the location experiencing an issue, to get your class running properly. You may also contact the Service Desk or place a ticket here for after your class time has concluded.  

Classroom Technology consists of:

  • Projectors
  • Document Cameras
  • Audio: Microphones / Speakers
  • Display: Television / Monitors
  • Smart Boards
  • Web Conferencing Cameras

Technology Equipment Installation

The Client Services team installs technology equipment for the campus community in classrooms, conference / meeting rooms, and workspaces. 

Technology Equipment consists of:

  • Projectors
  • Document Cameras
  • Audio: Microphones / Speakers
  • Displays: Television / Monitor
  • Smart Boards
  • Web Conferencing Cameras

Purchasing Assistance

Client Services provides Hardware, Software, and Technology Purchasing Assistance to colleges and departments. Before colleges and departments purchase Hardware, Software, or Technology, we recommend submitting a ticket with us to determine if the products you wish to purchase are already leased/owned by the university, and meets your needs.

We'll work with your college or department and our vendors to find the most efficient product, at the best cost, for the university. We'll provide quotes from the vendors to your college or department and assist with the purchasing process. 

Before making your purchase consider the following questions:

  1. Does this purchase need to work with Banner?
  2. Does this purchase need to work with Blackboard?
  3. Does this purchase need to work with goNSU?
  4. Does this purchase need to work with GreenMail?
  5. Does this purchase need to connect to the NSU Network?
  6. Does this purchase meet 508 compliance?
  7. Does this purchase require a data feed intergration?
  8. Does this purchase require administrative privileges for implementation or setup?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, submit a ticket with us specificy your purchase needs so we can assist you.

Virtual Desktop Interface

Off Campus? Need to VPN into the NSU Network to access programs and files? Try navigating to desktop.nsuok.edu and accessing our Virtual Desktop Interface!

The virtualization of a desktop experience allows you to access an NSU computer experience from any network connections. You no longer need to download VPN clients and connecting through VPN!

Your Network Drives are available, SecurePrint is available for Employees, and Campus Standard Software is installed for you to utilize.

Additional software in the VDI environment include:

  • Access 2016
  • Adobe: After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Argos (For NSU Employees Only)
  • IBM SPSS Statistic 25
  • OneDrive

Did we forget something? Have an VDI enhancement idea? Submit a ticket with us to provide your feedback!