Network Services

Network Services

The Infrastructure team maintains the university's Network structure. Our Internet service is provided by OneNet

If you are experiencing a network connectivity issue, submit a ticket with us. Our Service Desk Network Access team will troubleshoot/resolve the issue or escalate your ticket to our Network Security team if the issue is beyond their capabilities.


Our Network and Security Operations team monitors our network for suspicious activity.

If we find your account has been compromised, your accounts password will be scrambled and you will need to go through Password Manager to create a password to gain access back to your account. If you believe your account has been compromised, please change your password immediately through the Password Manager website:

If you receive spoofed emails from NSU members, you can report them to and ticket will be created with us.

Data Retention

The Infrastructure team performs Data Retention services for network storage locations twice a day, for 30 days. Occasionally, a file or document is accidentally erased from a network drive and needs to be retrieved. Through our snap shot process, our team can attempt to retrieve lost files and documents for you. 

Device Registration

NSU Students and Visitors who live in Housing Dorms will have to registered their devices before browsing the Internet or connecting to wifi.

You may register up to ten (10) devices with your NSU Username by visiting the website. Please have the Mac Address of each device available to you as it is required when registering your devices.

Streaming devices such as Roku and Chromecast are not supported or compatible with the NSU Network. Networking equipment such as routers or switches are prohibited from being installed on campus and used to access the NSU Network. 

Drives: I, J, K, L, M

The Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure teams provide access and support to network storage drives. 

  • I Drive is a public storage location and can be found under the File Explorer on an NSU computer as public (\\nsu-storage) (I:)

  • J Drive is an employee storage location and can be found under the File Explorer on an NSU computer as employee_apps (\\nsu-storage\public) (J:)

  • K Drive is a student employee storage location and can be found under the File Explorer on an NSU computer as student_apps (\\nsu-storage\public) (K:)

  • L Drive is an individual storage location and can be found under the File Explorer on an NSU computer as username (\\nsu-storage\home) (L:)

  • M Drive is a group storage location and can be found under the File Explorer on an NSU computer as groups (\\nsu-storage\) (M:)

We recommend storing documents and files pertaining to NSU business on your network storage drives instead of locally on your computers desktop or hard drive, to prevent the loss of data.

Increase Storage Space

In the event you are running out of storage space on your network drives, you can submit a ticket with us to increases your storage space.

We recommend utilizing Google Drive within your NSU Email Account to store documents and files as well. Storage space within Google Drive is unlimited and accessible from anywhere you can access your email.

Network Drop Installation

Our Infrastructure team provides network drop installation for Colleges and Departments who need additional drops in the areas.

There is a lead time on providing this service as it is dependent on materials being in stock, scheduling NSU and/or vendor personnel, and working around classroom schedules. NSU ITS requires two (2) weeks advance notice on drop requests to ensure proper planning while providing quality service.

  • Small installation projects are less than ten (10) drops and will be completed by our IT Infrastructure staff.
    • Currently, the cost for a Network Drop Installation is $250.00 per drop, when completed by NSU IT Infrastructure staff.
    • This price helps us recoup the cost of materials.
  • Large installation projects with 10 or more drops will be completed by ITS approved contractors and coordinated by our IT Infrastructure staff.
    • Price will be determined on an individual case by case basis at the time of request and provided during the planning stage.
    • Price is expected to be up to $290.00 per drop depending on the building requirements and networking requirements.

When submitting a ticket, please have your FOAP and Account Sponsor information available. This information is required before your request can be processed. 

Non-ITS provided ndetworking equipment such as routers, switches, etc. are prohibited from being installed on campus and used to access the NSU Network.

Network Drop Move

Our Infrastructure team provides network drop moves for Colleges and Departments when there is an opportunity to move an existing drop. There are many consideration that have to be made before a drop can be moved. In the event we determine the move is not possible we will need to have a new drop installed.

  • Move drop price: $25.00 (This price is subject to change based on market conditions)

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On or SSO - is an authentication process which allows you to access multiple NSU applications with one set of credentials, your NSU Username and Password.

Applications accessible through SSO are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Blackboard (LMS - Learning Management System)
  • EZProxy (Library)
  • GreenMail (Gmail)
  • Handshake (Career Services)
  • HawkLife
  • MapWorks
  • Office 365
  • RMS (Housing)
  • TeamDynamix (IT Client Portal & Ticketing System)
  • TopHat
  • Worldcat (Library WMS)
  • Zoom

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Infrastructure team provides Virtual Private Network services which allow NSU members to access the NSU network from off campus. When connecting through VPN, NSU members are able to access their Network Drives, Argos, and internal NSU websites. VPN is also accessible through the NSU Guest Wifi on campus.

In the event you are experiencing an issue accessing VPN or installing the AnyConnect Client, we recommend using the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) environment - instead. If you continue to experience further issues or are unable to access software or systems through this environment, submit a ticket with us.

Wireless (Wi-Fi)

In conjunction with hard wired (ethernet) network connections, the Infrastructure team also provided Wireless Network Services to the university.

  • NSU-Wireless is available to all members who have an NSU Username and Password. Guests can also connect to this wireless network and select the guest option to access the wireless network as a guest. All that is requires is having a valid email address.
  • When logging in with NSU credentials, you will have access to most networked features.
  • NSU-Wireless is also available to students and visitors living in Housing dorms. When connecting to NSU-Wireless, your devices must be registered ( and must be compatible with our network.
  • NSU-Wireless is available to any visitor on campus who does not have an NSU Username and Password. When connecting to NSU-Wireless as a guest, you will have access to the Internet and email services. Video streaming is not supported on NSU-Wireless when logging in as a guest.