Finding / Submitting a Copier Management Form

Finding the Copier Management Form

1) Navigate to

2) From here select the Sign In option in the top right corner

3) This will direct you to the Single Sign On page where you will log in with your Username and Password.

4) Upon logging in it will direct you back to the Client Portal

5) At the top of the screen will be a series of links you can click on

6) Select Services


7) This will bring you to our Service Catalog, which is where you should be able to find all forms you will need access to

8) For Copier Management Forms select Accounts and Access

9) This will pull up a page with information pertaining to requesting access to different NSU services

10) From here click on the Canon Copier Access link

11) On the right hand side of the screen click on the Submit Copier Management Form, link. This will pull up the correct form in our new ticketing system. Fill out the required fields and submit the request.


Filling Out the Copier Management Form

1) Place the name of the individual needing access to the Canon Copiers in the title field

2) The Account/Department field should automatically fill in based on what department you belong to when logged in

3) Enter who the Account Sponsor is

4) Fill out the FOAP information (Fund, Organization, and Program)

5) Select the budget restriction for the individual(s)

6) Select the number of people who are needing access to the Canon Copiers

  • Note, there can only be 10 people per Copier Management Form

7) Provide the BannerIDName, and Username for all individuals needing access to the Canon Copiers

8) Provide any additional comments in the comments box

9) Select the Request button to submit your ticket for completion.


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