Password Manager

Available To

NSU Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees, Alumni, and Visitors with an active User Account.

Service Overview

To reset your NSU password, navigate to the Password Manager website. The direct url is

We recommend resetting your password if it does not work, you believe your NSU account may have been compromised, or you have forgotten your password. 

For Employees: Do not create a password with the following special characters if you use Banner INB, @ $ & " ( ) , < > ` ; = # blank_space.

For Students: Password Manager will change your Microsoft Office 365 password.

For Both Employees and Students: Your NSU Password must be between 12 to 30 characters in length. Your password can not contain more than two consecutive letters of your Full Name and NSU Username. Your password must meet three of the four following rules: 

  1. Contain a lowercase Letter
  2. Contain an uppercase letter
  3. Contain a Number
  4. Contain a special character ~!#$%^&*()_+=-?><

You can not use any previous password you have created.

You are required to change your password once per year.

Report an Issue

Click the 'Submit a Ticket' button if you have issues with the Password Manager website.