Secret Question Reset

Available To

NSU Faculty, Staff, Students, Retirees, Alumni, and Visitors with an active User Account

Service Overview

IT provides a Self Service Password Manager which contains the security feature of a secret question. 

Request Service

Complete the Request Service form to submit a ticket, if you forgot the answer to your secret question or Password Manager is not accepting your secret question answer.

You will need to include the following information in the ticket for us to verify your User Account:

  1. Banner ID Number (if known, is printed on NSU Acceptance Letter and NSU ID Card)
  2. Date of Birth (MMDDYY Format)
  3. NSU Username (if known)
  4. Full Name (First, Last Name Format)

Additional Information

Once we have verified your User Account, your secret question will be reset. You will be notified to go through Password Manager.