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Hub page for what NSU-Riverhawks Wi-Fi is used for the credentials required to connect, and connection instructions.
How to join NSU-Riverhawks using a Mac.
For assigning a new IP address for your computer.
Where to find a MAC address on your device.
Map a network drive to a Macintosh computer.
If a faculty or staff member wants to use there NSU-issued MacBook off campus or while not connected to the network a Mobile account will need to be created on the MacBook. A mobile account lets you access your domain account and creates a local copy of your network home folder.
How to find the Service Tag on a NSU computer.
How to take a Screenshot for Mac or Windows 10 computers.
How to modify sleep settings for MacOS.
How to log into office 2019 on a Mac.
Steps for trouble shooting a slow PC running Windows 10 or a slow Mac running the latest macOS.