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This KBA will detail the process for how to migrate from a student account to a personal account.
With the new version of Degree Works, the What-If Audit has been relocated into its own tab in the Degree Audit. This article demonstrated where to navigate and how to run a What-If Audit with this new update.
The Student Degree Audit has been upgraded to a new version (5.0.3), and with it comes new features for students to view their academic progress. This new version brings a mobile friendly student dashboard with a fresh and clean look. This guide will highlight the important areas for students with a comparison of where they were found in the old version of the Degree Audit in conjunction with this new version.
Information on how to contact third party systems utilized by NSU.
Locating your BannerID
Steps on where to pay your bill. Contains steps for Current Students, Faculty, and Staff, as well as Inactive Students, Faculty and Staff, and Authorized Users.