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Having trouble accessing Banner, Blackboard, goNSU and Email? Need to request a Visitor / Guest Access or submit a Username Changes? Or maybe you Secret Question needs to be reset or your Web Access has been Disabled? Submit a Ticket Here!

Need access to send emails to all students? Are you receiving suspicious phishing emails? Submit a ticket here to report issues related to your Gmail account, or Google Group.

Need to increase your storage space? Want to report a cyber security issue? Looking for assistance with registering your devices? Would like to request a network drop install? Or maybe you are experiencing issues with Network, Wireless, and VPN connections? Submit a Ticket here!

Need to increase your print quota? Experiencing a printer issue? Have a new printer to setup? Submit a Ticket here!

Experiencing an Issue with Web Conferencing Technology? Want to report a Facilitation Issue? Need a Facilitator for your class, meeting, or conference? Submit a Ticket here!

Are you experiencing an issue with Blackboard? Do you need someone added to your course or a 3rd party integration? Perhaps you are a Faculty member who needs their courses combined. If so place your ticket here

Notify the Optometry Technician to assist with technical problems.

Notify the RevolutionEHR Administrator to unlock your account.

Request Phone Account or Programming Changes, Report Phone or Voicemail Issues, Request a New Phone to be Installed and Request Cisco Jabber Access.

Request assistance with Optometry Clinical Equipment

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