User Account

User Account

For certain requests you will need to include the following information when entering a ticket so we can verify your User Account:

  1. Banner ID Number (printed on NSU Acceptance Letter and NSU ID Card)
  2. Date of Birth (MMDDYY Format)

Blackboard, goNSU, and Email Access

IT supports three main tools for NSU members: Blackboard, goNSU and Email.

We utilize a Signal Sign On (SSO) service when accessing these systems via

If you have not obtained your NSU Username and Password, please go through the Password Manager website:


Blackboard is our Learning Management System (LMS) for Faculty and Students. For Faculty Blackboard Services, please visit the Applications and Systems category.


For all NSU Members: your goNSU access will process the following business day, after your NSU User Account has been created.

For example, if you were admitted or hired on Monday, your NSU User Account will create at the end of the business day. Once your account has been created, you can go through Password Manager: On Tuesday morning, your goNSU access should process. You should be able to log into goNSU the afternoon of Tuesday. 

Please notify us if you have any login issues after this period of time has past.

For Students: If you have been admitted for future semesters, may not be able to access goNSU until that semester has been opened in Banner.

Fall and Summer semesters are opened in February of the same year. Spring semesters are opened in September of the previous year.

Students access goNSU to add/drop courses, review Financial Aid information, pay tuition, review concise student schedule and more.

For Faculty: access goNSU to report student grades, to access Banner, and report your leave time amoung other resources.

For Staff: access goNSU for time keeping, to access Banner, view and print your pay stubs along with other resources.

Email (GreenMail)

GreenMail is our university emailing system and should be utilized for all NSU related business communications. Navigate to to access your NSU Email Account.

Secret Question Reset

The Secret Question and Answer combination is a method used to secure your NSU User Account like many other accounts you might have with other systems outside of NSU.

When setting up a password through the Password Manager website: you prompted to select a prepopulated question and then type your answer in the box provided. We are able to reset this question for you if you either forget your answer or the wrong secret question is being presented. 

Web Access Disabled

You are encountering the Web Access Disabled error page because you have entered information into the UserID and PIN error page, within goNSU.

To avoid being prompted with the UserID and PIN error, we recommend clearing your web browsers history, cookies, and cache. View the related articles on the right to find instructions.

Banner (ERP System)

As new employees are onboarded with NSU, an Action Form is submitted for them by Human Resources on behalf of their department, which specifies the level of access you need for Banner. In other cases, employees change positions which require changing their Banner Access regarding their new and/or old work related duties.

There are 5 functional areas which Banner Access is granted for: Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources and Payroll, and Student.

Banner Access is also granted to Managers who need to approve Time Teeping and/or Leave Reports for their employees.

Visitor / Guest Access

User accounts can be requested for Visitors / Guests to NSU for events, conferences, or residency. This account will allow the visitor / guest to access NSU Wifi and Computers during their time on campus. 

Sponsor's of the visitor/guest account will need to be an NSU member and should be the person submit this request as you are required to accept the Acceptable Use Policy on the visitor / guest's behalf. 

*To request a account, you must be logged into the TDX Client Portal and search "User Account", here you will be able to submit a ticket

All visitor/guest account requests must be placed through the TDX ticketing system no later than 36 hours before the start date.

Visitor/Guest account tickets require a start date, end date, ID for user(s), and reason for needing the account. Ticket requests can be placed far in advance but will not be provisioned until a week before the start date. All requests require the users drivers license (or other valid form of ID). For events that require multiple accounts, we will accept user IDs on the day of or at a later date. 

Username Change

NSU members can request to change their Username if you have legally changed their name and updated it with Human Resources (for Faculty and Staff) or Student Affairs (for Students).  You will be required to provide legal documentation to either Human Resources or Student Affairs. Your new username will be generated using the current NSU naming process.

Once this step has been complete, you can request a Username Change with IT by submitting a ticket through the button on the right.

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