Banner 9: Faculty Grade Entry (New May 2024) Revised 04/26/2024

Grade Entry Steps


  1. Login to goNSU. If you experience problems while logging in, try a different browser.
  2. Click on Faculty Self Service.
  3. Click on Faculty Grade Entry.Faculty Self Service Landing Page menu options with an arrow showing Faculty Grade Entry option.
  4. A list of courses will appear under My Courses. Faculty Grade Entry - Final Grades page, under MyCourses there is a Column heading of Grading Status; Subsequent rows begin with buttons that say In Progress or Not Started. A box shows that this is what needs selected to go to the class roster to enter individual grades.
  5. Choose the desired class. 
  6. The class list for the selected CRN appears. Select the correct grade for each student from the Final Grade drop down menu or enter the grade. If the grade is not accepted, check the values in the drop down menu to verify the grade is valid for the grade mode. This show the full screen for Faculty Grade Entry. *This page times out for security after 60 minutes of inactivity. Shows selecting a grade and the options of A, B, C, D, F, I, and W. Shows the described Rolled Grade and icon.Highlights tools in lower right corner to move to the next page when there are more than 25 students.
    • Click Save after you have carefully reviewed the grades for accuracy. A digital Incomplete Grade Contract is required for each grade of “I”. The student must agree to the contract and the instructor will also digitally sign the form before it can move to the next step. Shows the Save button in the lower right of the screen.
  7. If you are entering a grade of “F”, you must enter that student’s last day of attendance before submitting grades. If the student NEVER attended, enter the first day of class as the last day of attendance. Dates are only entered for a grade of “F”.
  8. If a student drops or withdraws from a course after the course has started, entries for the student will disappear from the gradebook in Blackboard. If you need to access grade information for this student, you will need to download and view the Grade History Report. This report will allow you to view every assignment submission for every student in your class, including the ones who dropped.
  9. Corrections may be made if the value in the Rolled column is blank. After grades are rolled, this column changes to a green checkmark and a Change of Grade form is required to correct grades. Grades are rolled weekly during the semester. Once finals week begins, grades are not rolled until after grade entry is closed.
  10. You can save grades for a portion of the class and complete the grade entry at a later time.
  11. If you have multiple classes for which you are entering grades, you may choose another CRN. Choose the next section and repeat the grade entry process.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Amy Dunn at or Tammy Perry at

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