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Pinned Article Finding Your Tickets

How to find tickets you have entered with the IT Department.

Academic Partnership - AP - Nursing

Academic Partnership (AP) Nursing Invoice Workflow

AdAstra Scheduling

Process of scheduling an event in AdAstra.

Adding Banner INB to the Trusted Sites Exceptions List in Internet Explorer

Steps for adding Banner INB as a trusted site in Internet Explorer. This can help with any issues when trying to access it.

Adobe Creative Cloud Student Asset Migration

This KBA will detail the process for how to migrate from a student account to a personal account.


Argos is an Enterprise Reporting Solution provided by Evisions. Argos provides quick access to data you need within NSU. This Article will discuss Access and how to open the application. As well as provide additional resources.

Argos Holiday Timecard Mass Emails

Reminders for employees and approvers to submit and approve timecards when the schedule is interrupted due to an upcoming holiday.

Banner 9 Service Invocation Error

To work-around the Banner 9 Service Invocation error, refresh the web page.

Banner 9 Training and Navigation

What is new with banner 9 and navigation training in Banner 9

Banner Export Function - Workaround

Work around for Banner Export Functionality

BottomLine State Software Setup

This is used to set up BottomLine through Internet Explorer.

Can't Reach This Page Banner INB

Microsoft released an update that forces SSL enforcement in Internet Explorer causing it to block greenapps being loaded over http. Adding it to Trusted Sites should take care of the issue.

Change Management Process

IT Change Management Process

Creating an Invoice in Banner - Incorrect Document Code Entered

How to repair an incorrect Document code when an invoice is created in Banner.

Degree Audit Student Guide

The Student Degree Audit has been upgraded to a new version (5.0.3), and with it comes new features for students to view their academic progress. This new version brings a mobile friendly student dashboard with a fresh and clean look. This guide will highlight the important areas for students with a comparison of where they were found in the old version of the Degree Audit in conjunction with this new version.

Dropbox File Transfer Service

NSU Dropbox ( is a file transfer service that makes it easy to share large documents, picture, videos, and more. Files up to 4GB in size can be uploaded and shared with NSU constituents. NSU Dropbox allows you to temporarily make files available (up to 20 days) to one or more users securely and efficiently.

Jaggaer eProcurement Software

Jaggaer eProcurement Software Specifications and Diagram

Jaggaer User Import: 201 Error

This KBA shows the user how to upload department names from a 201 error email into the Department Feed datablock, to then be uploaded to Jaggaer.

Oracle - Logging in as a Proxy User

Overview of how to access a proxy account through sqldeveloper and sqlplus

Posting in the NSUOK App

Instructions on posting announcements in the NSUOK App.

Printing through Form Fusion

Instructions on how to print a job through Form Fusion.

Running a What-If Audit in Degree Works (5.0.3)

With the new version of Degree Works, the What-If Audit has been relocated into its own tab in the Degree Audit. This article demonstrated where to navigate and how to run a What-If Audit with this new update.

Third Party Educational Support Centers

Information on how to contact third party systems utilized by NSU.

Using Clean Address with Banner 9

Clean Address is a helpful tool that is in the process of being implemented for use within our Banner 9 system. This Knowledge Base Article is designed to assist with the utilization of this tool.