Internet & Telecommunication

Instructions on how to Registering your Devices, access VPN and VDI, and connecting to WiFi Networks.

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Accessing a NSU Voice Mail Box from Off Campus

For users that are wanting to access their on-campus voicemail

Accessing Virtual Desktop is the newest solution for accessing internal NSU systems while off campus. Follow this guide to access the Virtual Desktop

Cisco VoIP Phone Compatible Headset Information

Refer questions about Cisco - Phone accessories to Carolyn Hadden for a quote request to purchase. Jabra Brands are compatible and Brian Gleason is our Jabra Representative. ITS does not supply phone accessories. Cost absorbed by the requester's Account Sponsor.

Device Registration

This article outlines the steps to take to manually register a device that does not get registered automatically when signing into the captive portal.

Locating MAC Addresses

Where to find a MAC address on your device.

NSU Networks

This article outlines what users have access to on each network

Renewing an IP Address and Resetting Network Drivers

For assigning a new IP address for your computer.

Setting a DNS to Automatic

This article outlines how to set a computers DNS to be obtained automatically

Setup and Manage Voicemail on VoIP

Note: Before you can use your voicemail you must go through the Voicemail Enrollment process.

Setup AnyConnect VPN

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is like a secure tunnel that faculty and staff may use to have access to the NSU network when working off campus.

Switching NSU Wi-Fi Networks

This article outlines how to identify and select different wireless networks.

VoIP Phone Features and Usage

How to use the Cisco VoIP 8945 phone.

Website Issue

This article outlines common web page error codes and the troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Windows Laptop Won't Connect to NSU Housing Fix

List of steps for helping a user connect to NSU-Housing from a new Windows laptop that was set up with an incorrect date and time. Note that this will work for all users except for those in Seminary Suites Building C.