Accounts and Access

Instructions and information regarding password help, goNSU assistance, and requesting access for new hires.

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Continuing Education / Visitor Account Access

How to activate your visitor/guest account.

Create or Change your Password

Your NSU password is used for: Blackboard, goNSU, Greenmail, and the computers on campus.

Finding / Submitting a Copier Management Form

How to submit a Copier Management form.

Finding / Submitting an Action Form

How to fill out an Action Form.

Finding Your BannerID

Locating your BannerID

Legal Name Change Process

How to fill out a name change form and where to take it to apply the changes.

Local Administrator Rights for Workstations

NSU Information Technology Service's policy on allowing NSU employees access to local administrative rights.

NSU Account Retention Policy

NSU policy regarding account retention.

NSU Password Policy

Password creation and expiration policy

Password Manager for TCC Users

This is for TCC users requesting a NSU guest account. Please use this guide to activate your account within the first two weeks of class, before the temporary guest account goes offline.

Requesting Timecard Approval access to be granted to an employee

How to request that an employee that was just hired or is entering a new role be granted access to approve timecards

Setup AnyConnect VPN

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is like a secure tunnel that faculty and staff may use to have access to the NSU network when working off campus.

Unable to Log Into goNSU

Some things to check when users are unable to log into goNSU.

Updating Your Directory Information

Instructions for updating your information on the NSU Directory.

UserID and PIN / Web Access Disabled Error Messages

What to do when receiving the UserID and PIN page error message while in goNSU.

Visitor/Guest Account Policy

This KBA details our policy for Visitor/Guest accounts. These accounts are typically reserved for events, trainings, and users temporarily staying on campus. These accounts allow access to login to the NSU network and NSU computers. These accounts DO NOT allow access to NSU systems such as Blackboard or Webmail.

Where to Pay Your NSU Bill

Steps on where to pay your bill. Contains steps for Current Students, Faculty, and Staff, as well as Inactive Students, Faculty and Staff, and Authorized Users.