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Accessing and Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

How to open, use, and install apps for Adobe Creative Cloud on your NSU computer.

Adding Printing Option "Print to PDF" in Windows 10

This KBA will explain how to add the "Print to PDF" option. This option can be selected when choosing what printer to use for a document.

Adobe Reader and PDFs

Adobe Reader is a campus standard software at NSU. This program allows users to open PDF document to read and PDF forms to fill.

Visit to see the new interface and tools. Note that the sharing features mentioned in the video do not apply unless you have an Adobe account.

Campus Standard Software

IT support campus standard software. IT will also assist users with any other software they experience issues with

Change Advisory Board (CAB) Charge

This KBA summarizes the CAB charge.

Changing Default Applications and File Types

This guide is for changing windows 10 default applications for things such as email, video and music players, and file types among other things. If the default application is not listed under the drop down options, a ticket will need to be placed to have that software installed.

Changing Default Audio In/Out Device on NSU PC's

How to change your default Audio or Communication Devices.

Changing Sleep Setting on Mac Computers

How to modify sleep settings for MacOS.

Changing Source on a Projector

Instructions on changing the source on a classroom projector to resolve display issues.

Clear Form History and Disable Autofill

Clear Form History and disable auto fill in Firefox 58.

Clearing Browser Data, History, Cookies and Cache

Instances of Use: When the user receives a pin page error when trying to login, Only the "N" logo, errors with Single Sign On, and other miscellaneous errors. Clearing browsing data is always a good first troubleshooting method for most issues.

Computer Lab Locations

This Article contains multiple lists giving the locations and the number of computers in the designated labs. The list are seperated by Internal and External Computer labs across the Tahlequah Campus.

Creating a Calculations Table in Excel

How to create a calculation table using Excel.

Creating a Zoom Meeting

How to either immediately host a Zoom meeting or schedule a Zoom meeting to begin at a later time.

Disabling Website Notification Permissions

For disabling pushed notifications from website which may appear as pop-ups on the desktop, which could be misidentified as malicious software.

Download the Zoom Client

How to download the Zoom Client software.

Exporting and Importing Bookmarks

Backup and restore bookmarks/favorites in popular web like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari.

Finding the Service Tag for PCs and Macs

How to find the Service Tag on a NSU computer.

Grant Proposal PC Purchasing

This KBA details ITS's recommendations for how PCs should be handled for grant proposals.

How to access the SQL Server

How to connect to the NSU SQL server.

How to Use Incognito Mode in Chrome on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

How to use Incognito Mode in Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

How to use Private browsing in Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

How to use Private browsing in Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Image Hosting for KnowBe4

Public permissions but internal uses only

Information to Complete a Training Request

This article will instruct users in the information that is needed to fulfill a Training Request.

Installing Internet Browsers

For users trying to install web browsers on their personal computers.

Installing Microsoft Office 365

Accessing and installing Microsoft Office 365 provided by NSU.

ITV Troubleshooting

Basic ITV Troubleshooting steps.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

Joining a Zoom meeting via Meeting ID or web link.

Joining the NSU IT Service Desk's Zoom Meeting

Due to the NSU IT Service Desk working remotely, we are utilizing a Zoom Meeting to do our troubleshooting and this lists a few steps on how to join!

Mapping Network Drives to a Mac

Map a network drive to a Macintosh computer.

Mapping Network Drives to a PC

Map a network drive to a PC

Multi-Factor Authentication

Learn what multi-factor or two-step authentication is and how it increases cybersecurity.

Office 2019 for Mac

How to log into office 2019 on a Mac.

Operating Lights in Webb 614

Instructions on how to operate the lighting in Webb 614 using the light panel in the room.

Projector Troubleshooting

For users/technicians trying to troubleshoot projector issues.

Respondus LockDown Browser Installation & Use

Accessing and installing Respondus LockDown Browser.

Saving Files and Folders to your Network Drives

Save files to your Network drives for added security and easy file management.

Selecting the Correct Video and Audio Sources in a Zoom Meeting

How to choose the correct audio and video options in a Zoom meeting.

Setting Up Dual Monitors for Macs

Walk through on setting up a Dual Monitor display for campus Mac computers.

Sharing Content on Zoom

This in an article detailing how to share content while hosting a Zoom Meeting. The article also go in depth showing the Advance Options and how to control who can send content and who cannot.

Six Reasons to use "Incognito Mode" when browsing the web.

Six reasons to use "Incognito Mode" when browsing the web.

Starting Up an ITV Class or Meeting

How to start up an ITV classroom or meeting.

Supported and Unsupported Hardware/Software

This KBA will detail all of our supported hardware and software. This KBA will also detail all software and hardware that is considered unsupported or limited support.

Tahlequah Campus Lab Software List

A list of labs and what specific software is installed in each of them.

Taking a Screenshot

How to take a Screenshot for Mac or Windows 10 computers.

Troubleshooting a Slow Computer

Steps for trouble shooting a slow PC running Windows 10 or a slow Mac running the latest macOS.

Using 7-Zip to Encrypt Files/Folders

This will be used when encrypting files using 7-Zip.

Using MacBooks off Campus

If a faculty or staff member wants to use there NSU-issued MacBook off campus or while not connected to the network a Mobile account will need to be created on the MacBook. A mobile account lets you access your domain account and creates a local copy of your network home folder.

Using the Magnification Tool

This article details how to use the magnification tool, as well as its many keyboard shortcuts.

Using the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

This article details how to use the Snipping Tool built in to Windows 10.

What are cookies and cache?

This KBA will detail what cookies and cache are for your browser. This KBA will also detail why it is important to clear this data from time to time.

What is a MAC Address

Information on what a MAC address is.

Wilson Hall 216 ClickShare

This KBA will detail how to utilize the ClickShare conferencing equipment in Wilson Hall 216.

Wilson Hall Zoom Rooms

This KBA will detail how to setup, operate, and shutdown the Zoom rooms in Wilson Hall.

Windows Updates Patching Cadence

NSU ITS communicates their commitment to testing and applying patches to Windows workstations and servers.

Zoom Capable Room Locations

This is an overall list of the Zoom Capable Rooms on all 3 campuses for Northeastern State University.

Zoom Vaddio ConferenceShot 10 Camera: Status Light Reference Guide

For further information contact: or the Tahlequah - AV Group